**warning** this is a mom post:
i just sat down with my cold coffee (i've reheated it several times already this AM) to take a minute and peek at pinterest...it's my guilty pleasure.  once the hustle and bustle of the AM routine is done and everyone is out the door, i like to take 20 minutes and cruise pinterest w/ my coffee cup in hand.  i didn't get far this morning.  i saw one pic, that wasn't a beautifully styled LR, DR, or kitchen, it just said "how to be a fun mom" and i clicked.  literally, my eyes started tearing up after reading the first two sentences...it felt like it was coming straight from my household.  the article is about letting your guard down and taking time to be a "fun" parent.  my husband is 150% the fun parent. it's no secret in this household.  when he comes home from work, he immediately runs and starts chasing the kids around the room (last night they all had neckties around their head b/c they were playing ninjia or something like that...i was in the kitchen cooking).  i wish i was a fun parent.  i'm by no means trying to whine, but it's hard when you are a mother that works from home...i feel like i am running a race the second my alarm clock goes off....it's all about "getting it done".  i really struggle w/ separating roles...i juggle work and emails in the spare moments of my day between dropping kids off, cleaning the house, laundry, going to the grocery store, nap time, car pool lines, dance, art, etc.  at times, i have found myself jealous that warren gets to be "fun," which is silly of me b/c i could easily do it....reading this post made me aware that it's ok to be silly, to let your guard down, and to take time to make yourself "fun" again.  i needed to read this this AM, it's nice to know that other moms out there struggle in the same ways.  thanks for pinning it dawn :)  xo- Shannon

*images from northern lights, the glow

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