i'm officially signing off for Christmas break to go hang with the ones i love.  i hope y'all have a very merry christmas!!  
xo- Pink Wallpaper

it's unfathomable that someone would do such a senseless act to our innocent children....

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hello party people....i'm sorry i've been MIA this week....i don't have a great excuse....i wish i could say that i've been getting all of my christmas shopping done but that would be a lie.  i'm way behind and the thought that it's only a week and a half away is a little frightful!  are y'all ready?!!

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my week got away from me....i hope you will forgive me.  i hope your weekend is filled with lots of laughter and fun times w/ the ones that matter most.  i'm taking tay to the nutcracker w/ my mom!!  see y'all next weekend.

SYTYCD was fun but kind of a glorified dance recital w/ Nigel talking on a large TV.... however, dinner and drinks w/ girlfriends is always a good time in my book.  i hope y'all had a great weekend!!

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