well hello weekend.  it's so nice to see you.....
i've been having a moment with this song....apparently taylor has too b/c she ask me to play it over and over again.
i want to make this tonight b/c it looks oh so good....to eat of course, while we watch the last homeland of season 1...dying over this show.  excited to still have season 2 to watch next!!
tomorrow, i'm putting on my sunday's best to go carolina cup...the last time i went i think i was on a frat bus...i'm thinking this time will be a little different (but you never know).
i hope everyone has a wonderful easter and spring break.....much love!!

i think it's spring outside but it's freezing here!!!  this weekend, i'll celebrating w/ my hubbie as he turns a year older tomorrow.  and walker has his first soccer game in the AM...so far practice has been a lot of crying and not much kicking of the ball....should be quiet interesting....have a fabulous weekend!!

last night, warren and i started watching homeland.  my  mom and dad told me we would like it and it is good stuff!!  we only watched two but i was on the edge of my seat the entire time (probably b/c i am a scary cat and that stuff freaks me out)!  can't wait to watch more tonight!!  i hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!!  btw, brooke did a post on her favorite foods to cook and i made her salmon recipe...it was amazing!!!

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basically a wordless wed....b/c i was just craving something pretty....

*images courtesy brown dress w/ white dots, atl home, lonny

lately, my eyes have been drawn to florals...kind of the granny chic vibe.  i really want to add some to my house....my only problem is getting it pass the husband.....men and flowers don't mix well.  i have my eyes on this wallpaper (maybe behind a bookshelf) and this one.  and i am dying to get one of rifle paper's new iphone cases....and still holding out for a lulie wallace painting that would totally brighten my day!!  when i was out shopping this weekend, we noticed a lot of floral in fashion as well...j crew was definitely rocking it!!

* images courtesy of  lulie wallace, anthropologiejenny keenan interior design,  rifle paper co instagram

it's friday and this girl couldn't be happier b/c i have a date w/ my main man and this movie on the sofa tonight.  cheers to the weekend......

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