i don't think i ever shared with y'all the completed kitchen i designed for clients on sullivan's island.  it was a new construction and the homeowners wanted something a little more modern feeling even though they live at the beach.  i love how this guy turned out!!
i also thought it would be fun to share the clients' last home that i designed to show how we changed up the style a little.  the previous home had much more of a coastal feeling.....which i love equally :)

*images Shannon Darby Design, bottom BHG/ Shannon Darby Design

i wish i was daring enough to do a dark exterior.....i think it would be really cool.  i just tend to lean on the safe side....but part of me really wants to take that leap......

*images courtesy of breakfast in the morning, the inspired roomdesign sponge, house beautiful, brooks ballardthe stroller coaster

so a lot is going on at our casa....we have officially sold our house and are in the process of building.  the kicker is our new house will take 6 months....we get to stay in our home until june, then we will be homeless....i've got a lot to figure out in the next month!!

it's impossible for me to sit at the computer and not listen to music.  tonight i discovered my "new band"...i'm sure you have heard of them b/c they play one of their songs nonstop on the radio...the lumineers.  but you really need to listen to their other music...starting w/ classy girls, big parade, and morning song.  i just bought the whole album b/c it's good....like friday night w/ a glass of wine and pinterest good.....

lately, i have been drawn to details...mostly in upholstery, pillow designs, and window treatments.  things that take an ordinary piece to the next level.  most of them are really simple: adding a contrast color for cording or as a banding on a solid upholstery piece,  using a mini flange (i love it w/ ruffle pleat corners) on pillows or chair cushions, adding a stripe (or pattern) fabric banding to simple roman shades or down the leading edge of panels give an extra oomph, or simply using another fabric on the backs of chairs adds an element of surprise to any space.   simple details like these make all the difference in the world!!  try one next time your thinking of updating a piece!!!

*images courtesy of mark d. sikeskc interiors, palmer weissknight moves, maddie's nest, cote de texas, interior canvas, one kings lane, elle decor

 it's spring break here and so i'm taking the kids to beaufort to visit my parents and to relax (my parent's screen porch is calling my name)!!  hoping that the weather stays nice enough for us to go to the beach and not freeze.....we love looking for shark's teeth.  i also plan on eating breakfast at lowcountry produce market (best ever and the interior design is to die for).

*images courtesy of the sun isn't rising w/out you, splendid sass, at home in arkansas,  house beautiful,  vintage mulberry, lucas studio