i just got back from a week long beach vacay with my hubbie's fam.  while some people would roll their eyes to a week w/ the in-laws, i am one of the fortunate few who loves hers.  i love watching my children play with their cousins, sitting at the beach relaxing (just kidding, you cannot relax at the beach when you have young children), eating great meals, and rocking on the screen porch with a glass of wine in hand.  it's always so sad when it ends.....

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the other day i went to dinner w/ some girlfriends and we were talking about design and how hard it is to make decisions.  it's so true....everyday, i think "ok i'm going with this for the house, no more analyzing" and then i'll hop on pinterest and bam, there's something else that completely changes my mind.  do y'all have this problem?!!  i can't commit to save my life.

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this past weekend, i was around a person who said the word "magical" a lot.  it's not a word that you hear a lot in conversation.  but i like it.  in fact, i kind of feel like summer is magical.  at least for me.

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white wash

i don't know where the days went....but i'm glad to be back here.  i had a little motivation over the break and i'm going to try to be better at making it a point to come here....for my own sake.  b/c i do love it.

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