i hope y'all had a great weekend!!  my dad's b'day is wednesday so my fam came to visit us for a night and we had an early b'day celebration.  we had an oyster roast, drank lots of good wine, had family game night, and laughed a ton......mostly b/c taylor picked out mustaches for us all to wear...and we really thought it was funny (well everyone but walker)!!

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well hello there friday....you snuck up on me but i'm SO glad to see ya!!

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racing out of the door today but here's a little something something to hold you over!!  see y'all tomorrow!!!

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i feel about as motivated as the girl in the first pic......maybe it's the weather (i'm so over winter and rain) or maybe it's b/c i dread my to-do-list.....just one more cup of coffee and i swear i will be motivated (maybe).

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right now i really loving the color blush....i painted taylor's room the palest pink/ blush and it is so calm and peaceful.  i would totally paint my bedroom this color if i knew my husband wouldn't figure out it had a pink undertone!!  happy rainy monday!

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i think that girl's hair is so pretty....but i mean really...who can do that?!  have a fabulous weekend!!

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this morning my 18 month old walked up to me and said "baby poo poo"....which translates into: i threw taylor's baby into the toilet....
and a happy thursday to you too :)

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our house was built in 1958 and it lacks storage, in a major way.  my husband constantly gets frustrated b/c we have piles everywhere...i have to admit, i am a pile maker.  i have stuff piled in lots of places: the kitchen corners tends to have phone chargers, lip gloss, pacifiers, and bananas in a nice organized pile.  my desk's alway is piled w/ magazines, receipts, coffee cups, bills, etc....and toys are in every corner of living area and sunroom.  so what i have discovered is that every piece of furniture that we buy, needs to offer storage so i can have a happy husband and to try hide my piles of stuff!  that being said, i started thinking about built-in's on either side of our fireplace.  i saw this amazing transformation w/ ikea's billy bookcases and thought that might be a great solution and cost efficient.  but its all open shelving and as much as i love styled bookshelves, it doesn't really help hide things.  then i spotted these beauties that are in Pieces and i was in love.  i quickly sent the picture to my dad to see if he could help me and luckily he called saying that he would be able to build them for us and finger's crossed it won't break the bank!  i added them to my LR and sent the pic to warren and he was definitely on board...his one request was that we didn't store pillows on them- ha!!  now i am dying to get started.....

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good morning!!  i hope y'all had a wonderful weekend....mine was filled w/ hikes, shopping, fires at night, cooking good food, and lots of quality family time!!  couldn't have asked for a better long weekend!!