last week i decided that i was going to dust off my tennis shoes and start running again. it's been over a yr and a lot has happened in that yr including bed rest and baby #2. i'm not going to lie and say it was a piece of cake. i was actually kind of scared. but i did it w/ baby #2 in tow (i think i prefer running w/ a stroller). and now i am on day 7 of running and i love it. okay, some days i would like to just stay in bed and drink my coffee...and maybe eat a donut w/ chocolate frosting (or two)...but i've got jeans i am trying to fit back into!

that dog....

i feel like i can relate to the look on that dog's when i go to my closet to put on my running shoes or when i open my bread box to make a sandwich and only have hot dog buns.....
how genius is that powder room??!! love how they incorporated the window and put the mirror on the side wall.

*images courtesy of pretty world, house and life, things that inspire, moodboard

monday, monday

here is your set of monday pretties.....i definitely will add this kitchen to my 'list' as well...the star wallpaper i love, and those barn lanterns- yes, please!


it's the weekend and i couldn't be night tonight, the library's annual book sale (children's books galore) and a great community yard sale tomorrow! that's my idea of a perfect weekend :)
*several people asked about the warehouse sale i went to in's the lux sale and if you are in the market for deals on furniture/ lighting/rugs, you should check it out!

*images courtesy of the neotraditonalist, stepmodo


my heart tends to flutter when i look at pictures of amazing chinoiserie's so classic and timeless. i think one of my favorite pics is the one of the nursery- how brilliant is that and so unexpected (i'm sure she won't be a diva). i think that is why my heart skipped a beat when i found this....and if there is any left, i'm totally using her ;)

*images courtesy of gracie, mary mcdonald, de gournay, tory burch/vogue, domino

yes please.

seriously, i love these images. that kitchen is super high up on my "one day" list. i am loving everything about it...the cabinet color, the marble up the wall....and that wallpapered closet- HELLO beautiful!!


when i was young i always reached for the same crayon....purple. it's funny how little girls are all geared towards pink and purple. seeing these rooms, makes me want to add that color back into my life...but maybe in a more grown up way like as an accent paired w/ gray.

pop of color....

this chandelier is popping up everywhere....and boy, is she a pretty one to look at! the last one is a DIY project- very creative and looks great in the room!

sorry for the lack of posts last week! i decided to do a random spur of the moment buying trip for the designer's attic. found lots of fun things and was inspired by tons of stuff out there! off to finish my coffee and do some ordering, emailing, and unpacking! happy monday!

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my labor day...

consisted of a lot of time spent at the house trying to get two sick kiddos well...thankfully it worked! tay hung out in a toy story tent that took over our sofa, warren and i enjoyed being outside, and walker- well he just chilled...clueless that his sister was blow drying and curling his hair in the meantime. hope you had a wonderful loooong weekend.