i've finally gotten off my butt and started working on some things around the house....latest addition, a bedskirt to match tay's headboard....that fabric still totally makes my heart skip a beat!
ps. if anyone is local and needs pillows whipped up, i've got a great lady for you...email me!
pss. my chiang mai pillows were created by this super fab gal...her pillows are amazing!!

*all images are from me
help please!!!  next week I am heading to San Francisco for a little trip...i'm tagging along w/ my brother b/c he has a conference there.  I have no agenda but would love any tips on what i should do...cool shops, antique/thrift spots, good food, a tour i should check out, anything you would like to offer, i'd love it!!  btw, did you see this amazing dinner party....how freaking cool!!!!

*image courtesy of oh happy day

today my kids woke up at 5:00 in the morning....i walked half asleep to the LR, pull out a massive basket of toys, got milk for the kiddos, and plopped on the floor....i figured i needed something to help me face the day so i turned on adele unplugged that i recorded last night.  that girl has insane passion and her voice give me chills....it worked, she totally woke me up and put me in a good mood...i recommend you try it :)

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i seriously am always inspired by people's DIY projects and when i saw this one that alison helped with, i instantly fell in love!!  it totally makes me what to find a way to put it in my house!!  

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this morning when i met up w/ my friend to run, she laughed b/c i decked out in long pants and a long shelve shirt....it was cold though...yay, for fall finally starting to appear!!  hope y'all have an amazing weekend!!

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i couldn't be happier that today is friday!!  it is grandparents day at taylor's school so it was nice to have a quick visit from my parents.  and tonight, taylor plays soccer for the first time ever- should be interesting (she's quite prissy...let's hope she can kick the ball)....i'm nervous, my hubbie couldn't be more excited!  i hope y'all have fun plans for the weekend!!  see you next week!

yes, to lots of light.
yes, to lucite shelving.
yes, to vintage chandeliers.
i'm feeling a little under the weather today.....hope to be back tomorrow w/ more pep in my step.

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my dad told me i used the word "obsessed" too much....i've got to give it to the guy, i do....i'm trying better to expand my vocabulary...but in this situation, i've just gotta to say it- i'm OBSESSED w/ brass :)  i love it when kitchens mix finishes and i would love to add tarnished brass, chunky pulls in my own.

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