i don't know about y'all but i am super excited that today is actually halloween b/c i feel like we have been celebrating it for about 10 days now!!  walker is obsessed w/ candy so tonight should be interesting to say the least!

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good morning!!  right now, i am totally digging dark nails...mine are painted the color of the girl's above.  i hope y'all had a wonderful weekend.  ours was filled w/ lots of halloween activities!

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since it's monday, i thought it might be good to start it on the right foot....i'm going to try to do all of the above...only i don't have perfume...maybe jerkins lotion will do....and dressing nicely might be a stretch  since i'm sporting jeans....i'm not really charming either....especially if i haven't had coffee...okay, whatever- it's the thought that counts!!!  happy monday!

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the state fair is in town and we are heading their today....taylor has some crazy luck with carni games...last year she won 6 stuffed animals.  speaking of the fair, have y'all ever seen adventureland??  seriously, one of my all time favorite movies.  i could watch it over and over again...

lately, i feel like i have been in a funk...i'm not going to lie.  as a mother that works from home, everyday has started to feel like groundhog day to me.  do y'all ever feel this way?  i feel like i'm on repeat...going through the motions.  this quote speaks to me and makes me want to push myself to do more and break out of my routine (or rather my comfort zone)....

my parents are in town and i couldn't be happier!!  love spending time with them and having a hand with the kiddos!  i was racing around this AM cutting fabric b/c i am so use to only having 3 hrs while walker is at school to get all of my work done....then i realized my parents are here and i can slip out whenever....and to a mother, that is a major luxury item!!!

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i hope y'all had a great weekend........my brother came in town and we went to the USC/UGA game.  i always enjoy tailgating!!

last night we surprised the kids and took them to see the fresh beat band.  it was hilarious....i asked warren if this was equivalent to me seeing new kids on the block and he said no, more like save by the bell....the kids thought they were rock stars.  seriously, i didn't know it would be that much fun...to see the excitement in the kids eyes was priceless.

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back in the day, i watched full house on friday nights while eating little caesar's square pizza (remember when the pizza was square?!)...those twins turned out much more stylish then i will ever be...