i kind of think this is pretty perfect....i adore the layered jewelry w/ a hint of turquoise and i need that china....hope y'all had a fabulous memorial weekend.  we just rolled into town and my house is a disaster so i am pulling myself off of the computer so i can unpack (it's real hard though)!

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we have a 30 day stretch that is absolutely crazy...warren and i look at each other and say "what were we thinking"...starting may 15th it begins...it goes anniversary, taylor's b'day, my b'day, and then walker's...and also packed in there is mother's day and father's day....and this year we added a dance recital.  so if i have been a little off it's b/c i have been going....and we still have 2 weeks to go.
taylor begged me to make this louis cake from the princess and the frog for her b'day....well, i think you can tell from the picture, i am no baker!!  bless his heart....it's the thought that counts, right??!!  i hope y'all have a fabulous memorial weekend!!

i'm so excited that it is summer and tay is out of school for a little while.  i look forward to a more laid back day...hanging in our pj's a little longer is the best!!  now if someone would magically put a pool in our back yard it would be perfect!!

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i started working in design back in college.  i got a part time job (that eventually became a full time job) here.  at MDI i met the best group of girls.  there were 5 of us that worked together for years.  we had the best time....i miss those girlies...they taught me so much about interior design.  one of those girls was jenny keenan.  i remember returning from my honeymoon and jenny telling me she was going to take the leap and start her own firm.  i was so excited for her but secretly i wanted to cry b/c i would miss working w/ her.  well, the leap paid off b/c she is making her mark all over the charleston area.  you might also recognize her pics from Southern Living and BHG that featured her house.  she just emailed me saying she started a blog....and i think y'all should check it out!!  and how precious is that picture of her daughter lily?!!

*all images from jenny keenan interiors

today is taylor's first dance recital.  yesterday was dress rehearsal and i was that mom that got teary eyed watching my daughter dance.  dance was a huge part of my childhood...i danced for 16 yrs and my parents attended countless recitals and performances. it feels really special being on the other side watching taylor do the same thing.
*i wish i was creative enough to have a ballerina inspired party waiting for her after the recital...instead it will most likely be pizza :)  

**images courtesy of snippet and ink, natalie spencer photography/beach bungalow 8

good morning!!  it's been awhile...i am so sorry!!  i took my mom on a little trip for a late mother's day present.  we had a blast....we giggled a lot.  no one makes me laugh like my mom.  thanks mom for a trip full of memories :)  i hope y'all have a happy monday!!

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i had a wonderful mother's day....my husband returned home after 5 days of traveling (best present ever), i ate delicious food, and i got to completely veg...which for me is taking a nap, bad reality tv watching, some window shopping, and going on a walk.  i hope y'all had a wonderful weekend :)

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i swear i woke up on monday and said, i'm posting everyday this week.  well, it's friday and i did one post this week.  i HATE that!!  i have to be better!!  we got patio furniture and i have been out there every night this week.  maybe that's why i have been slack.  it's nothing fancy but i love having a place to gather....the kiddos like the box more then the furniture.  

i saw this picture on brooke's blog and i immediately saved it for what i wanted our back area to look like.  i want to add a window box and do a bricked- in grilling station!!  
warren painted the swing and hung it.  i got a cushion from world market...it will do for now but i would love to eventually recover it in a trina turk fabric.  please excuse the ADT sign and the lack of plants....one day we will get there!!  it's always a work in progress.  i would also love to cover the chain w/ rope.  
last but not least, i wanted to show y'all taylor's window treatment.  i showed y'all the inspiration:
and here it is in her room.....i think it turned out really cute!  now if i can just get the rest of her room together that would be great!!
i hope y'all have a wonderful mother's day!!  mom- thanks so much for being my best friend!  i love you :)  see y'all next week!

i adore this time of year....it's not super hot and buggy...you can still sit outside and not die b/c it's 100 degrees!  we caved and bought outdoor furniture. i'm excited to finally have something to sit on when we are outside.  my sweet husband spent 4 hrs last night putting it all together....i'm having girls over tonight for wine.  i bet they will be happy to have a chair to sit in instead of the ground!

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