things going on around our house:
 make's good...real good.
first key lime pie i've ever made.  super easy....but i have never made real whip cream before so i had to you tube how to do it....there's a technique, just in case you didn't know either :)

 new construction project i'm currently working on at sullivan's island...
gorgeous marsh view from another project i'm helping w/ on sullivan's island
 summer has been a lot of family time, soaking up the sun.....
and last but not least, today is my mom's b'day so we want to send her a shout out....i hope you have a fabulous b'day mom; we love you!!!

for the past week, i have woken up to an addition in my 5 yrs old creeps in around 4:00 AM and then proceeds to want to talk, ask for water, and toss and turn for what seems like hours afterwards.  today, it's taken its toll b/c i cannot seem to wake up.....

very well said Liz :)

*images courtesy of quietly living, xxxxxx,, houzz

don't y'all wish summer would never end!!  we're heading to beaufort for the water festival, which means lots of boats tied together, fun music, sand bar, boat drinks, and hanging w/ good friends!  a perfect way to enjoy the summer!

*images courtesy of anna wolf, denise at home, a life's design, birch & lily 

i am working on two houses at the beach and both are using super calming color palettes- mostly variations of white.  usually, i'm all about color but right now i am loving this!

my husband comes home today after being in london for a week for work and i couldn't be more of a happy camper!!  being a single parent is hard work people!  i hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!

wordless wednesday......ok, maybe not wordless b/c i love that stripe chair and that table instead of an island and those pleated shades as pendants :)

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lately i feel like i have been drawn to a lot of neutrals colors.....
i'm loving those burlap draperies!!

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this week, we sent taylor to swim lessons to (fingers crossed) get the hang of i'm to test it out....hope y'all enjoy your weekend!!

on the way to dinner this weekend, my friend turned on her ipod and the car immediately broke into a fist pumping routine.....i had no idea what they were doing....this AM i you tubed it and it totally started my monday off right....seriously, try not to laugh!