y'all i have been obsessed w/ the book me before you....the dog whined at 3:00 AM to go out and when i got back into bed, i glanced at my iPad and immediately started reading again....i'm dying to finish it.  i just want to know what happens.....
on another note, i'm trying to run again.  i've gotten out of the habit and boy is it hard to get back into it.  especially w/ the weather being so hot.  however, once i downloaded this song, i could run my heart out....well, ok let's get real....maybe 2 miles ;)

things and thoughts:
have y'all read "what alice forgot"....LOVED it.  i'm dying for another book like that....fill free to give me suggestions.
shovels and rope "the devil is all around" is the best song ever. (i know i say this often, but really, it's flipping great...and they are charleston peeps so that is an added bonus)....looking for new bands, fill free to suggest!
this app is so good and so easy!!!  if you're looking for something for a friday night, this is my go-to!
lastly, i tried stitch fix....my first box wasn't the best....but i'm giving it another try....have y'all done this?!!