baby it's cold outside...

it's suppose to be super cold this weekend so here are some things to ponder if your bored:

1. have you seen 500 days of summer? soooo good and the guy is really cute in should really watch it and then google and see where you recognize the guy from (it will make you laugh).

2. feeling like cleaning? i have a huge obsession with mrs. meyers (kind of funny since i am not good at cleaning)...geranium and basil are the only ways to go. i can't live without the hand soap, counter top spray, and all purpose cleaner (money saving tip: buy the all purpose cleaner and refill your counter top spray bottle will a little of that and warm water). i have been known to say 'if no one was looking i might just spray this stuff and wear it as perfume'....

3. i heart dunkin' donuts coffee. i told warren that i think that i could be one of those people who could have the bumper sticker (i know, can you imagine)! coffee snobs are just dying at this revelation! the best is getting it fresh from the drive thru and having them put cream and sugar in it for you....yum.

4. feel like venturing out in the maxx has designer's guild sheets and shams...really cute...really cheap (like $3.99 cheap). i got sheets and shams for taylor's room...they are getting monogrammed as we speak!

5. if you have kids, i am obsessed w/ mini boden and they are having a huge sale right now. i am bummed that this isn't available in taylor's size but they have TONS of cute things that i could totally buy.

okay, i'm off to charlotte to battle the cold and hopefully make a stop at south park and phoebe's new store! see you next week...stay warm!
*image courtesy of what anna loves

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