the winter blues has totally taken over our household...everyone in our family has gotten the flu over the last 10 days....i thought i was safe until i went to bed last night and then i knew that i had succumb to it as well.  but instead of moping about how miserable it has been, here are a few things that have shed some light our direction:

netflix has two good documentaries that you must watch:  first position &  the queen of versailles

i may or may not have eaten half of this cake by myself (what would you do in a house full of sick people??)

and i just found this song this AM and i can't stop playing it....

alright i'm off to go grab my blanket and a box of tissues....see you on the flip side.

*images courtesy of britishly prepms. howard, bungalow classickitchen building, the decorista, mary mcgee interiors

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